Noah's Camp 2018 Testimonies

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"The continual presence of God all week, that was so touching"

"I feel like I have shed a skin and grown a new one, a butterfly from a grub"

"I came with so much weight on my shoulders, I suddenly felt light and really wonderful"

"Thank you Noah's Camp for the freedom I have gained, a healing and a freedom from fear, a new self belief and confidence, new beginnings"

"So blessed and so privileged to be here and so uplifted"

"A little apprehensive before we came, feel like the chains have been broken – look forward to Noah's Camp next year"

"Freed from inhibition of the past and found a new freedom and confidence"

"Tiredness and heaviness have lifted off me, joy has returned"

"Powerful, beautiful, extraordinary"

"Restoration and a deep healing in my relationship with the Father"

"Able to close the door on fear in my life"

"I feel at home here"

"I feel unburdened"

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