Healing Testimonies following Healing Service at Noahs Camp 2018.

Tinitus for 10 years. Gone after prayer

Lower back problem and painful to move hips around. After prayer can move hips freely and move around.

Right knee very painful with arthritis. After prayer pain has gone and flexibility has returned.

10 years old boy, Joe needed very thick glasses, his eyesight was getting worse. He'd had this problem for 8 years. After prayer, his eyesight was so dramatically improved, he got so shocked that he ran crying from the tent! He came up to me afterwards to testify. A page of text that I showed him would have been all a blur before was completely clear, without wearing glasses.

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13 years old girl couldn’t grip properly with her hands, she simply lacked the strength (low muscle tone?) This meant she couldn’t do a lot of writing - after about a page of writing her hand was too painful to continue. She had had this problem all her life she said. After prayer, she could grip strongly with her hand without any difficulty or pain.

11 years old boy’s right knee was sore and painful and kept clicking and cracking. He had this for 2 years he said. After prayer his knee moves freely, he can kneel & kick a ball without pain, there was also no more clicking or cracking.