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Noah's Camp

Many of those who know me, are aware that I have sustained compression injuries to both of my knees, the left one in particular. The condition is degenerative and has got to the stage that even using a clutch on a vehicle is painful, I have also arranged to change my car for an automatic. The medical prognosis is that I would ultimately need a knee joint replacement, simply standing on my left leg only would cause significant pain.

During the prayer I knew that I had been healed, only when I took my right foot off the ground and stood on my left leg alone, did I realise the extent of the blessing I had just received, I was able, quite naturally and without any discomfort, to step off the stage left leg first! The following Sunday I drove my manual geared car to Edinburgh (without any pain) to replace it  with an automatic vehicle I do not need!

  At the end of the service I saw evidence of another healing. Seven years ago my wife Chrissie had a near fatal road accident, in addition to serious head injuries, she suffered a complex fracture to her right arm that left her unable to lift that arm beyond 45 degrees. As I was giving my testimony of healing, she was worshipping with both arms raised vertically!
Joe, Ledbury.
The Gospel in Action

I am sitting overlooking a field in Brooms Green, which has for five days inherited the title Noah's Camp! A flight of Swallows are skimming inches from the ground in an aerial display unmatched even by the Red Arrows!

The sun is out now and a brisk easterly breeze has dried out the sodden grass following earlier rains — how appropriately named is the field - but the rain was no match for the spirit of the campers. Everywhere I look I see children, parents and grandparents enjoying the wonderful space and beautiful scenery. Outside one tent little children are trying to keep a football bouncing on a parachute. As I write Brother Gabriel walks across the field and looks a very natural sight, sporting his grey monk’s habit and a long beard with a guitar case under his arm (He is from St Pio Friary, Bradford and you may have seen a recent BBC documentary, ‘From Bronx to Bradford: Friars on a mission’).

This wonderful Christian Camp is the vision of Simon and Mary Cameron with two years extensive planning. The organisation is exceptional, Mary and Simon have thought of everything. Main Marquee, children's and young people's tents, café tent, prayer tent... the list goes on including all the facilities needed for campers. There is even St Michael's Angels Security! Their role is to keep everyone safe, keep the field spotless, all the time covering the event with prayer! They are led by Rick, a police officer who has recruited friends and family to serve Christian Camps all over the country (8 this year).

I have been greatly blessed by coming to this Catholic Camp, meeting there members and leaders of nearly all the Ledbury churches and not least for the wonderful teaching and ministry of Christy Wimber from the Vineyard Church in America.
Bill, Noah's Camp, 10°‘ August 2017