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Noah's Camp

Noah’s Camp took place 7-11 August 2017 and what a wonderful few days it was!

Our 10 acre field which normally has sheep grazing in was transformed with huge marquees and tents. The presence of God was so tangible throughout the whole week and there was an amazing peace in the field. Although this was a Catholic Camp it was also very ecumenical and 6 different denominations were represented.

We had fantastic speakers, Christy Wimber, Niklas Carlsson and Michelle Moran who encouraged us, inspired us and challenged us. Worship was led by Steve Tebb and the band were amazing, it was so prayerful and brought us into the presence of God in a beautiful way.

Mime by the RISE Theatre group touched us all, the children had their own tent where they too, had times of meeting Jesus and they had lots of fun. We had a healing service led by Niklas Carlsson from Cor et Lumen Christy Community and many people were deeply touched and some physically healed - see Testimonies.

We also had a powerful ecumenical service when we prayed for healing and reconciliation between our different denominations. Our red and blue stripy prayer tent was very special and a lovely place just to be quiet in the presence of God. Kat Seney from Care for the Family held some really encouraging workshops.

There were fun times for family

Quiet prayer times

Mass each day

Confessions any time

New friends made

A fantastic week and a wonderful time of meeting God.

Thank you to all who helped to make this event a success and we hope to see you next year!

Simon and Mary Cameron